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Open Books

In the throes of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Universities and Colleges across the U.S. and around the world have (rightly and necessarily) closed their campuses. In many cases this also means the shuttering of their libraries. For Theatre graduate students who are currently writing their dissertations or theses, this may mean a lack of access to resources, especially books. Many libraries still offer ample online sources (eBooks, databases, journal articles). A number of libraries have opened up access to their digital collections (see below). And Google Books and "see inside" previews from online booksellers have provided additional remote access. But there are still many books that have not been digitized and that graduate students in Theatre may not be able to currently access if their library is closed. Even if a library remains open, the access to Interlibrary Loan (our heroes!) may be severely limited or delayed.

Theatre Graduate Students:

This is a temporary stop-gap measure for Theatre graduate students who are in dire need of a specific source while libraries are closed or offering limited services. Your first (virtual) stop should be your institution's library. Next, try the Internet Archive's National Emergency Library or the New York Public Library's Remote Library Services. Lastly, please check our Wishes Granted page to see if we've already tracked down what you need. If you have exhausted all possible avenues of traditional access, then fill out this form. We'll post your request and see if anyone out there has the text and can scan a chapter for you. Please do not ask anyone to scan an entire book. Ready to make a request? Click the button:



Theatre Faculty (or Graduate Students who have already amassed an enviable book collection):

Are you a faculty member with an ample personal library AND a means of scanning / photographing a chapter for a graduate student in need? Take a look at the "wish list" submitted by Theatre graduate students. If you have that book on your shelf AND a way to scan a chapter, fill out the form and we'll put you in touch with the graduate student who needs the chapter. You can arrange to "loan" the chapter to the student in need.

(Who's behind this website? Chris Woodworth, Associate Professor of Theatre at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, President of MATC, Lover of Libraries and all things Interlibrary Loan. Chris will update this website once a day. As soon as there is a "match," she will connect folks via email. She can be reached directly at 

Special thanks to Shelby Lunderman, Allison Gibbes, Cat Gleason, Cynthia Williams, and Andy Famiglietti for their input and suggestions.

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