"We deserve to have theatre that speaks to us."

~Preston Lane

The Hawboro Project commenced in 2010 with the world premiere of the Appalachian Saga, Providence Gap. Written by Preston Lane with Original Music by Laurelyn Dossett, Providence Gap continued the legacy of collaboration that had included several other original productions (for a look at the history of collaboration between Preston and Laurelyn, read “Evoking a Region: Playwright, Songwriter Draw Record Audiences with Series of Appalachian-Inspired Musicals” in the Fall 2011 issue of Southern Theatre).


The fictitious town of Hawboro soon became home to a myriad of world premiere plays including Common Enemy (2015)Don Juan (2016)Radiunt Abundant (2016)Actions and Objectives (2017)The Passion of Theresa Rae King (2019), Edward, Too (unproduced, workshop reading in 2019) and now the latest addition to the cycle: Two Wolves and a Lamb, premiering in February 2020.


Hawboro Project Dramaturg Chris Woodworth (the real creator of this website. Sorry, Bethann!) sat down with Preston to have a conversation about the genesis, evolution, and possible future of Hawboro. Excerpts from their interview are coming soon!